The Tweetingplantpot was a plant pot that tweets about its moisture state. It uses a 2g phone signal and is made from an Arduino Uno and a GSM shield.

It is an Internet of Things object, that is a thing that tells you stuff about itself or its environment through the internet. This one uses twitter and an Arduino API   

It was devised for The Manufacturing Institute to be given to Vince Cable MP when he opened a FabLab facility in Ellesmere Port, Merseyside UK.

version1 of the tweetymeter.

version1 of the tweetymeter.


A probe placed in the plants soil measures resistance and the Arduino reads the analog value. This value  causes one of several messages to be sent to twitter.

“Tweets root and leaves” is the tagline..

The case is made from laser cut birch ply and acrylic, designed  in Inkscape, Blender and Sketchup, and then in Autodesks’ excellent 123dmake giving a PDF from which the Epilog laser cutter makes the parts for assembly.

Screenshot from 2013-10-11 13:24:09@FabLabUK-tweetingplant-cThe Finished Tweeting Plantpot!

Fab Lab Welcomes Secretary of State with Tweeting Plant